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In 1696 de Vlamingh described the quokka as "a kind of rat as big as a common cat".He named the Island 'Rotte nest' (meaning 'rat's nest') and the name of the Island was eventually adapted to 'Rottnest'.This Rottnest Island Authority initiative raises money for quokka conservation efforts!Head to the Visitor Centre (at the end of the main jetty) to adopt a quokka soft toy which comes with an Adoption Certificate.

Acts of animal cruelty may result in fines up to ,000 and 5 years imprisonment under the Animal Welfare Act 2002.A marsupial the size of a hare or domestic cat, the quokka is the sole representative of the genus Setonix.As with other marsupials, such as the kangaroo, wallaby, wallaroo, bettong and potoroo, the females suckle their young in a pouch.Quokkas congregate under dense shrubs for shelter, and are less active during the day.They give birth in late summer, after a gestation period of twenty-seven days, and the young quokka remains in the pouch until August or September, and is then suckled for a further two months.

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It appears that the copper level is a controlling element in how the animals breed.

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