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An application for a patent, or patent application, is a request by a person or company to the competent authority (usually a patent office) to grant him a patent.

By extension, a patent application also refers to the content of the document which that person or company filed to initiate the application process. law concept according to which, if "the extent of the monopoly claimed [in a patent] exceeds the technical contribution to the art made by the invention as described in the specification", the patent may be revoked on the ground of insufficiency of disclosure. Medeva, issued by the House of Lords on 31 October 1996.

After moving around the Middle-East in search of a permanent home, Mr Al-Kateb arrived in Australia by boat in December 2000, with no passport or visa.

Upon landing he was detained under the Migration Act.

This would equally be coercion though not actual violence.

The main problem with probate undue influence is that it has been too difficult to prove.

The High Court heard the first two matters together.

If no reply is received within the time period, the application may be considered, depending on the jurisdiction, as abandoned or deemed to be withdrawn, and, therefore, no longer pending.

Transactions which involve undue pressure may be rendered void or voidable through doctrines of equity and probate.

With respect to lifetime transactions, the equitable doctrine of undue influence places the emphasis on the person who seeks to gain under particular transactions to demonstrate that they were not the result of undue influence.

This may lead to the Court upholding a will that does not in fact reflect the will-maker’s true intentions.

This is particularly concerning given the ageing population and increasing vulnerability of older people making wills.

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