Dating like 1960s

Whilst researching it I seemed to find an awful lot more about getting a mail order bride sent to me from Russia than I found out about the origins of computer assisted love.

Here, according to an article about it at Damn Interesting, is a sample question from their original computer dating questionnaire: Your roommate gets you a blind date for the big dance. When you meet your date, you are sure it’s your roommate who is blind - your date is friendly, but embarrassingly unattractive.

The female of the species was very much a second-class citizen.

One of the featured exhibits is a Woman's Way magazine cover from 1967 displaying the ideal wife laying out a lavish spread for a dinner party.

The concept seems quaint now but The Housewife of the Year on RTÉ television was a ratings-topper into the era when Blur and Oasis fought for the Number One slot.

The biggest name in the land, Gay Byrne, hosted this annual Lovely Girls triathlon for the mature Irishwoman.

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(Or phone, if you’re lucky, but many of these guys probably weren’t.) On top of THAT, you had to use full photos of your real face.

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