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For the uninitiated: the granny shot is when you scoop the basketball with both hands, hold it between your squatting legs, then toss it in the air the way you might heave a microwave. The guy who refuses to tackle is the guy who ducks a fight, dodges the draft, and skips his alimony. Experts mostly agree: shooting a free throw underhanded — granny style — might actually Shaq's woeful free throw percentage.

It's not necessary to be Michael Phelps, but if you can't even tread water, you risk getting saved from drowning by a woman or a child. The Big Aristotle, however, knows that if he resorts to this ignominy, what he gains in percentages he loses in street cred, intimidation factor, and self-respect.

The Belgian Royal Court announced her injury and hospital admission yesterday, adding that while the fracture did not cause any neurological complications, her recovery would probably take several months.

Having more financial independence and more free time tends to give us more freedom to enjoy our relationships – whether that’s a marriage, a romantic “significant other,” or just the fun of dating new people.

And not just “fear of pregnancy.” Women over 60 tend to be more self-assured and self-confident. We’ve seen it all during our lifetimes – and we’re less likely to be stymied by the body image issues or self-doubts or feelings of inadequacy that affect too many younger women.

And no more worries about where your children will get into college (or how to pay for it). But how realistic is it for you, an ordinary wage slave with no more ties to the jet set than a business trip to Cleveland last month, to even meet, much less marry, a billionaire?

A seven-figure donation from your beloved to the school of your choice and your kids are in the door, even if they're no smarter than grapefruit. We scoured the how-to-marry-rich literature and talked to society watchers, upscale matchmakers and wealth experts. Unfortunately, those who had already made it to Fat City refused to say how they got there. Fortunately, the ranks of those who are filthy rich, if not quite in the billionaire stratosphere, are increasing daily.

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Heed the advice of former USMC reserves squad leader Jeff Wilser by ensuring your proficiency in these athletic milestones every man must be able to reach. The metaphor's sort of painfully obvious, but that doesn't make it any less true.

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