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This will be the fourth year for Endless Poly Summer, the largest of the quarterly seasonal poly retreats that Sarah Taub, Michael Rios, Indigo Dawn and friends produce at Abrams Creek.

These aim to build, over five days, an enduring intimate community.

Monogamous cultures tend to support the ideas of soul mates, true love, and marriage as the ultimate goal of all committed relationships.

In an idealized version of this model, people generally engage in romantic relationships in order to find one person to spend the future with, believing once that person is found, they will no longer desire to seek out other relationships.

Others move through a series of monogamous relationships, seeking out a new partner when they experience waning attraction or lack fulfillment from the relationship in some way.Downey is polyamorous—being in more than one significant romantic relationship simultaneously—and polyamory was the focus of Relate Con, the first-ever Boise convention for polyamorous people, which took place March 31-April 2 at the Riverside Hotel in Garden City.The event, which brought 120 people to Boise from across North America, was a big moment for people who have disavowed monogamy in favor of having their romantic, emotional and physical needs met by multiple partners.I think what really works better in the long run is the most banal and obvious advice you’ll ever hear. Oh sure, use the Internet as a tool to meet people of similar interests! Yeah, you’ll have to take some initiative and get your butt away from the computer and facing the scawwy outside, but trust me, it can be fun!Yahoogroups has many local polyamory discussion groups where people meet up in real life. If no local poly group exists in your area, you might want to consider starting one.

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Relate Con brought into the open a community that has gained momentum online but, because of Idaho law and misrepresentation in the media and broader society, has been largely secretive.

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