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Problem: It is the #1 app used for sexting, mostly because people think it is the safer way to sext.

However, the “snaps” can easily be recovered and the receiver can take a screen shot and share it with others.

Also, due to the rating system, it is often used for cyber-bullying, because a group of kids can target another kid and purposefully make his/her rating go down. Snapchat: This app allows a user to send photos and videos to anyone on his/her friend list.

Problem: It is easy for adults and minors to find one another.Kik, the chat app that’s hugely popular among teens and young people in North America, is finally adding video chat to its service.Rather than straight up person-to-person video calls like Apple’s Face Time, Facebook Messenger or the recently introduced Whats App feature, Kik has added a less intrusive video chat option for its 300 million-plus registered users, with support for groups of up to six.As seen in the graphic below, with Flash 10.1, you can have a very scalable 1-to-many (mesh architecture) leveraging the RTMP protocol, Status 2.0, and P2P communication.Well, this new Adobe P2P voice/video technology is exactly what Face Flow is leveraging. Once registered I registered a second account on another PC to make my first video call.

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Pidgin 2.10.3 (I've installed) on Ubuntu does nice job to gather them just under one roof.

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