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The idea came from Marc Lucas and Peter Cortez, a creative team at advertising firm BBDO tasked with thinking about which breaking news events could spring up in the near future, Executive Creative Director Matt Mac Donald told Buzz Feed News.“We’ve seen the naming of a female NFL [referee]. The voiceover was done by Gary Thorne, one of the announcers for the Baltimore Orioles, he said.Lindsay Gibbs, a freelance sportswriter based in North Carolina, told Buzz Feed News the commercial brought her to tears the first time she watched it.“My favorite part of it has to be that it says, ‘when’ the first woman pitches in the majors, not ‘if,’” Gibbs said.Last year, AT&T and BBDO New York shocked viewers with the "Close to Home" ad, which depicted how one caring mother's simple moment of distraction devastated many.A gripping new film, "The Unseen," continues to promote mobile users' safe behavior through the eyes of a typically responsible father who mindlessly lets his guard down while alone on the road, leading to harrowing consequences.Having dropped off the kids, the father remains vigilant, even ignoring another call because he sees a neighbor on the street coming out to get his mail, and then, there's a surprise -- a stowaway in the back seat, a young boy.For a moment, the dad is a bit confused, and so are we -- where did he come from?

It could have also been that Walmart spot, where she proves she can spell "hobo" on a calculator. The three-minute plus video captures a day-in-the-life of a loving family.Dad drives his three daughters to the local pool, while Mom is at home, where she discovers the family dog Muffin has once again disappeared.In the car, the kids make their noisy merriment, as kids do, and the father tries to stay focused while enjoying their company.His wife, concerned about Muffin, keeps ringing and texting, but good papa that he is, he consciously lets those go since the little ones are in the car.

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