Is eugene simon dating anyone

His ambition first drew him to LA at eighteen with two hit TV series.

Pursuing his love of acting Eugene spends shared months of the year in each. Eugene has a fondness of languages, speaking French and Spanish well.

He is working since his school time when Eugene was only 11 years old.

He is also appear in few movies as well and this first movie was 'Casanova' which came in 2005 year.

I’ve been looking through some of the stuff you’ve done before and it all looks absolutely wonderful! My friends and I watched the whole thing in a marathon setting, it was amazing!

A lot of the supernatural comes into it, and my character within the house is sort of somewhat cunning and very malicious character called Jerome and he’s, well, within the series, he’s basically the prankster with a slight edge, and essentially what happens at the end of the series is we’re in pursuit of this thing called the Mask of Anubis and it’s all about how we go about trying to find that before our teachers do.

A few weeks ago, the 19-year-old British actor sat down with Just to chat about everything from being bullied in school, kicking back with co-star Kit Harington, and his plans for celebrating Halloween. We’ve got a very big scene coming up, I assure you that you’ll be impressed! ES: From now until December it’s pretty much non-stop.

Eugene was very open, honest, and insightful with his responses – you must check it out! Doing is based around the lives at boarding school for about eight, nine, ten teenagers — people come and go — and it revolves around these ten teenagers, firstly their social lives and how they deal with the social problems of being a teenager, but more importantly, the mystery within the boarding school, which is where the Anubis bit comes in, because the whole school is essentially a very, very old building that is filled with all these clues as to how to find an artifact that is called the Mask of Anubis.

Yeah, but I’ve gotten used to it over the course of the show, you have to keep your mouth shut about a lot of things.

One of the promising actors of the Hollywood, 24-year-old Eugene is winning the hearts of the millions but what about the one who stole his heart.

He is rumored to be dating 29-year-old British actress Jade Ramsey but the couple never accepts the relationship in public.

It was more difficult to lie about why it was that my hair had been cut off for season 5 and also about Jon Snow being ‘dead’ - I’d known that he was alive since we started filming.

It’s part of the job, really, and the way that I did lie was by indulging people’s ideas for what would happen and leading it that way.

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