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The flutes are manufactured in Taiwan and Japan while the latin percussion instruments are manufactured in Thailand.

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Sadly a couple of badges missing and some cosmetic damage, but it's a great looking little kit. The cymbal mount is a retro fit of a Rogers "Swiv-o-matic" mount.

If you can take picture of: The inside of the snare w/ the muffler showing and the paralell rod close ups of the badges (if all the same badge only 1 pic) close ups of the throw and butt close up of the floor tom leg mount close up of BD tom mount close up of BD leg mount close up of BD T-rod and if possible close up of a lug, side view I know it's a lot of pix to take but if you really want to know this info would help.

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I'm told it had a mother of pearl wrap at one time, but it's since been removed an it exists in its bare wood, though varnished state now. Do all the badges have no borders on them with the "P" centered?There was also a shell made of a composite called "Phenolic." Additionally, Pearl combined roto-toms and these Phenolic shells to create the Vari-Pitch line of drums.Other early innovations included shells that were slightly undersized, so that the drum head would extend over the edges, much like a gong drum.Pearl was founded by Katsumi Yanagisawa -who began manufacturing music stands in Sumida, Tokyo- on April 2, 1946.In 1950, Yanagisawa shifted his focus to the manufacturing of drums and named his company "Pearl Industry, Ltd." By 1953, the company's name had been changed to "Pearl Musical Instrument Company," and manufacturing had expanded to include drum kits, marching drums, timpani, Latin percussion instruments, cymbals, stands, and accessories.

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