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His friend, a 32-year-old Brazilian fashion designer and photographer named Diogo Vinhais, who takes some of the photos on Brock's Instagram, is reassuring. "An older woman walks by and yells, "Are you married? "But Maddy asked if he was going to be wearing a shirt."A group of three young women run up to Brock.

"Dude, they'll definitely show," he says, offering Brock half of his spinach feta wrap. There's 36-year-old Trista Chen, who drove in from Alhambra with her friend, who says she's been following Brock on Instagram for a month. "I grew up in Asia — when we were teenagers we read a lot of romance novels. They drove two hours from Oceanside, California, near San Diego, leaving their husbands at home. The whole time we were driving up here, I was like, what's he gonna be like? "He's Instagram famous but he's about to become, like, really famous."I'm momentarily distracted by what I see out of the corner of my eye: Brock lifting up a woman who looks well into grandmother age, and kissing her on the cheek.

The couple got married at midnight on the rooftop of the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills where they had their first date two years ago.

It was an intimate ceremony held my candlelight and was held in front of a roaring fire with white roses surrounding them that were picked from their home.

That may explain why Danny is considering undergoing experimental surgery, which, if successful, might give him some limited vision.

But even bleary-eyed, Brock O'Hurn is still 6'7", 250 pounds, tan, muscular, blue-eyed, with a light-brown, tousled mane that, when not grazing his often shirtless chest, sits in a perfectly messy topknot. Let's go." As we walk toward the pier, Brock wonders, again, if anyone's going to come. "And the weather...""We'll just start taking pictures of you," says Diogo, referring to himself and Buzz Feed's photographer, who's coming along for the afternoon. " Her mom, Chris, takes a photo of her with Brock, but it's not until she walks away that he takes his shirt off. As the crowd on the pier grows, more and more people who are just walking by want to know who the shirtless man posing for pictures is. Maybe it's the man bun, maybe it's the eyes, maybe it's the chiseled physique, maybe it's the selfies where his pants are juuuuuuust a little too low, or the one of him in a cowboy hat at the Stagecoach Music Festival or the goofy one of him in American flag shorts (still shirtless), or him relaxing by a pool, or reading a book (shirtless, hair in man bun).

It's a slightly chilly Saturday afternoon in early May, and Brock O'Hurn is worried. A 9-year-old girl named Maddy and her mom, who came from nearby Huntington Beach, pose for a picture with him.

The day before, the 23-year-old personal trainer and King of Man Buns had announced on his Instagram — which, at last count, has nearly 800,000 followers for the hundreds of photos of Brock doing Brock things like being shirtless, having his hair in a bun, having his hair down, being at the beach, going to the gym, playing guitar, and hanging with his boys — that he'd be having a meet and greet at the Santa Monica Pier at 1 p.m., and now, sitting in a nearby Starbucks, he's hoping that people actually show up. "I'm the one who follows him on Facebook and Instagram," says the mom, Jen.

Danny's brother Larry (Eddie Kaye Thomas) is essentially a pimp, and his shrink (Jane Seymour) is a sexually frustrated spinster who strips her clothes off in his presence.

Neither of these things are particularly funny, yet the film keeps coming back to them in an attempt to mine a few cheap laughs.

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