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Popular sources for antique tackle are antique shops, flea markets, yard sales, the internet, sports shows, and antique tackle clubs.

The value of tackle have risen sharply, and there seems to be little slowing in appreciation.

The first time the lake was surveyed was the Hayden Survey in 1871, a 24-day effort that gathered 300 depth readings, or data points.

Morgan's map project took four summers and generated 240 million data points, providing a much more detailed map that contains mountains of data yet to be fully analyzed.

Bethune (from his 1847 edition and marginal notes of Walton and Cotton’s text) and on and on and on--- the legions of angling authors: those of merit and those of fluff are seemingly without end!

The first, the Pomme de Terre Rendezvous, which will be held the first weekend in May, is the 31st year this event has been held, and it is located along the Pomme de Terre River in Hickory County, MO, which is located about fifty miles North of Springfield.

Lures: Wooden lures, sometimes called plugs, are the mainstay of this category.

The first wooden lures in general use were made in the late 1800s, the golden age of wooden lures was from about 1915 to the 1950s. A "mint" lure, with no damage will bring far more than the same plug in average or less condition.

Drawing from a rich oral tradition dating back millennia, the Cherokee Bonfire series runs throughout the tourism season, and is an enchanting way to interact with the rich details of the Cherokee people and their stories.

Amazing tales as told by the Cherokee storytellers themselves.

Imagine you’re gathered around a roaring bonfire, the occasional spark shooting high into the night sky, as a strong but gentle voice begins a story you’ve never heard.

Brand names like: Heddon; Creek Chub; South Bend; Pflueger; Shakespeare; Paw Paw; and a large list of others are eagerly sought by collectors.

There are collectors for lures, reels, bamboo rods, nets, creels, and just about every type of fishing memorabilia you can imagine.

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