Archeomagnetism in the use of brick dating lanos

The aim of this study is to date by the archaeomagnetic method the last heatingcooling cycle of one Roman and two Medieval tile kilns, discovered in Belgium.The investigation demonstrates the limitations when well-documented local directional secular variation curves of the geomagnetic field in the past are used for dating and the difficulties when trying to determine field intensities from “in situ” baked clays from the kilns.They can also be associated with stratigraphic observations which provide prior relative chronological information.The modelling we propose allows all these observations and errors to be linked together thanks to appropriate prior probability densities.The date is obtained by the intersection of the measured TRM data of the sample with the reference curve of the geomagnetic fi eld.If several intervals of dates can be obtained, another independent dating method or the historical or archaeological context can help provide an indication of which interval is the most probable (Blain et al, 2014) Archaeomagnetism consists in measuring the Earth’s magnetic fi elds at past times recorded in Ceramic Building Materials at the moment of their making. Archaeological material, however, does not have such implications and records the magnetic field more confidently, as the field recording process is different. Lake, marine and continental sediments are often not reliable for an accurate registration of the geomagnetic field, because of delayed recording due to complex sedimentation environment and magnetic mineralogy.

On the other hand, results obtained applying the Thellier-Thellier method and the modified method developed by Dekkers and Böhnel on sister samples from the Roman kiln agree fairly well.

The funding is worth 1,484,946 € (£920,370) and will mainly be used in the appointment and training of young researchers.

The network comprises 12 laboratories across Europe including the UK, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Greece, Spain and Italy.

The errors that occur at different stages of the archaeomagnetic calibration process are combined using a Bayesian hierarchical modelling.

The archaeomagnetic data obtained from archaeological structures such as hearths, kilns or sets of bricks and tiles, exhibit considerable experimental errors and are generally more or less well dated by archaeological context, history or chronometric methods (14C, TL, dendrochronology, etc.).

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At the same time in England, the use of ceramic spolia was the rule and the reintroduction of post-Roman bricks in the island appears to be relatively late, although recent luminescence results indicate that this was earlier than the arrival of Cistercian builders in the late 12th century.

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