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It became a game of how long I could hang onto them. One interesting thing is the way in which women’s uniforms were made for maintenance compared to men’s.

Women were given those little cloth nametags with our names printed on them and required to sew them into every piece of uniform clothing. In boot camp we had to wash every piece of clothing by hand. Women’s uniforms were specifically made for home ironing.

Your journey to Air Force Basic Military Training (AFBMT) should start in advance to getting on the plane. Your recruiter should have given you an official list of what you are allowed to take with you to basic. Don't even try to think that "this item," or "that thing" will be the exception.

That list has been around for a lot of years, and there are One of the first things you'll experience at Lackland is a complete search of your personal possessions.

"My brother [Haley Joel Osment] and I once, without knowing, auditioned for parts that would have had us playing each other's love interests. My roommate and I proceeded to blast music until he finally woke up. While driving, my friends said there was a spider on me. So many people stared, and jumping the curb deflated two of his tires. I was bending to take a photo of my friends and my hair dipped into a candle.

The Air Force used to allow you to bring your own running shoes and wear them during basic training PT. Recruits are now required to wear the "issue" standard, New Balance, plain white running shoes, that you'll purchase at the BX, shortly after arrival.

Recruits may only wear their 0 "Nikes" if they have a medical waiver from the base medical clinic. One of the very first things that's going to happen when you first meet your T.

Meanwhile the family of the victim wait for justice.

I only have two government issue items from my two years of active duty in the Marine Corps: sable haired make-up brushes. I went though boot camp in the summer of 1974 at Parris Island .

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We were issued a makeup kit with eye shadow, foundation, blush and lipstick and expected to wear it – in boot camp, in August, in Parris Island, South Carolina.

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