10 simple rules for dating

Does the thought of having a no-strings-attached relationship excite you?A committed relationship is like a warm blanket of comfort.A date is set for next Thursday; both you and Haley have busy lives. Wednesday rolls around and you decide that you’re going to call to confirm your date with Haley. In that time period between Friday and Wednesday, how many guys do you think Haley talked to?Being attractive and intelligent, one would be sure in stating that Haley consistently has men chasing her. You and Haley really connect; you get along with complete ease throughout your entire interaction. This article will give you three secrets of texting and how you can improve your text game immediately. These options, in the form of male pursuers, ensure that she will be in constant communication with members of the opposite sex. The plethora of options that an attractive woman has can work against you; even if you do nothing wrong. Haley is an attractive, intelligent, quality woman.

To help you through your texting, emailing, your social networking and your life, here are some Dos and Don’ts when it comes to exclamation marks. Your CV should be exclamation free While it’s a good idea to draw attention to yourself when applying for a job, you can do this by simply listing your achievements and qualifications. Play it cool When you’ve just started going out with someone, ease off the exclamation marks during texting. Even if your message is a sincere one, the exclamation mark could let you down. Don’t be too nice We human beings are a cynical bunch. But if you’re a normal human being, adding exclamation marks after your name will make you seem incredibly needy.But at times, all you want is the reckless rush of a rollercoaster ride that gives you a high and a racing heart, makes you feel dazed and confused, and leaves you back on square one at the end of it all.As good as it sounds, true love isn’t always the answer for everyone.Both the people involved in the relationship are just in it for the moment, until something or someone better comes along.Simply put, casual relationships are an outlet to satiate sexual and emotional desires without the rules and boundaries of a regular romantic relationship.

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