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We have several 2015-edition English Techos to give out, as well as a couple of the much-sought-after Onett covers (each one includes a Mr. If you want to enter our contest, just reblog this post or leave a comment, and explain what you would do with your Techo if you won.

Club Tiny members will automatically be entered for the giveaway too. For those who don’t want to wait, you can buy the planner (once it come back into stock) and accessories from Hobonchi’s online shop.

I will also be going to Cachtice Castle in Slovakia, home to the “real” Countess Dracula.

Coming in September 2017 I plan another trip to the U. A this will involve 8 of the Southern \ Eastern states including Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. A visit to the radio active city of Chernobyl in the Ukraine.

____________________________________________________________________ Rockmelon Soda is a tiny, humble media outfit, independently owned and operated.

Its primary function at present is to serve as a home for , with future projects cropping up along the way as inspiration dictates.

Make sure to use your real email (or in the case of rebloggers, have a way for us to reach you on your site) so we can contact you if you win. Most of the Techo photos above come from Mochicogram’s delightful Tumblr.

As usual I have a massive backlog of photographs and trip reports to post and will do so when time permits. Any suggestions for the site please contact me via social media or e mail me at [email protected] As a result I have a backlog of pictures and trip reports dating back several years.____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ is produced entirely as a 1-man operation.It is drawn, written, animated, directed, edited, and voiced by Topher Cantler.For all Slow Dating introduced weddings, we send the happy couple a sterling silver keepsake box, direct from Harrods.All you have to do is send us a picture of you on your big day, just like the new Mr and Mrs Miller from Southampton did.

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This is your opportunity to join other wine loving singles for a fun, educational wine tasting evening, giving you the chance to sample wines from different regions of the world. If you enjoy meeting new people, why not consider joining us as a Slow Dating host.

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