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Create your FREE nick and enjoy real LIVE sex shows with the hottest webcam girls! It's a debate that's been running since at least the days of Sigmund Freud: Can women climax from vaginal stimulation alone?

Thus, "vaginal" orgasms could be clitoral orgasms by another name.Her father (Bruno Balp) hires a young man named Jim (Hiram Keller), with whom Alice immediately becomes infatuated.Alice has a graphic sexual fantasy in which Jim ties her to the ground with barbed wire, and attempts to insert an earthworm into her vagina.And is there any difference between so-called clitoral and vaginal orgasms?Now, a new series of essays lays out the evidence that vaginal and clitoral orgasms are, in fact, separate phenomena, activating different areas of the brain and perhaps revealing key psychological differences between women.

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I spoke with Clinton Cox, founder of the first annual Camming Con conference, to better understand that figure.

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