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Late last year, a few shady pictures surfaced of rapper Ice T’s wife Co Co getting her love in the club on with a random rapper by the name of AP.9.

The pictures showed a very married Co Co and her colossal cakes all cuddled up with AP right in a public club for everyone to see.

In the sneak peek for their show, the 57-year-old musician, author and actor — who started his career as a gangsta rapper in the '80s before appearing on "Law & Order: SVU" for the last 17 years, writing five books, and forming his rock band Body Count — boasted about his wife and said, "When Coco, talks I listen to her." He added: "This show reflects our life." "I've branded myself to be sexy, but also be a wife at the same time," Coco said in the promo.

The couple, who have been married for 14 years, will also reveal how long they've been keeping the pregnancy a secret, the moniker they've chosen for their little one and the baby's gender, they told Fox5's "Good Day New York" on Monday morning. "We want to say Thank You to everyone for the overwhelming LOVE you are sending us!

But how does she live and work with her man, and still keep romance alive? What is the one thing she always keeps next to the bed? Women have a tendency to do this, it’s not just me. Whenever something happens, work within that 24 hour period to bring it up… Just start from a really nice vibe and he appreciates that a lot.

After waiting patiently for her hectic schedule to clear, Coco’s super-publicist, friend and co-star Soulgee connected Urb to gather some secrets for marriage success from the curvaceously petite entrepreneur. Read on as Coco offers up her Top 7 tips for relationship bliss! Create a peaceful environment I’m really into making sure that he feels good and peaceful at home. When they get home from work, even girls, they want peace. your man will either change it up or not, but at least speak about it. I pull out my little massage chair and I say, “Hey hun, do you want me to get into your muscles right now? Tune into what makes your partner happy Figure out what that person loves. What he loves, you have to do it the that the person has ever had.

"I announced it Friday on our new talk show which airs Aug 3rd," Coco additionally tweeted about the July 24 taping of their show. " While Coco, 36, will be a first-time mom, her husband already has two children from a previous marriage and a 20-year-old grandson. WATCH THE FIRST VIDEO HERE AND THESECOND VIDEO HERE.

" In true celebrity endorsement fashion, the couple timed the announcement with the premiere of their new daytime talk show, "Ice and Coco," which premieres on Fox channels Monday.

She has a younger sister Kristy Williams and three half brothers.What is the best advice you’d give anyone to keep their marriage happy and successful? Foster the friendship with your mate Ice and I, we have a really extreme relationship. Take time to dedicate yourself to home and family For myself, I can’t really talk for Ice, but I am a very old fashioned relationship type of chick. When you get home, don’t bring up arguments, don’t try to nag each other. When there is a peaceful setting in the house, the man will be with you forever. There are times you can bring up things you have issues with, but you want to wait until those times come up. That’s the number one thing I learned on my side is to just open up about how you feel. Even if it does turn into an argument from it, at least you got it out. ” or I’ll wait until at night when we’re watching TV and that’s when I’ll massage his shoulder or something. For instance, if a guy likes head, you have to learn to be the best at it. You may not like it or may not like what he likes, but you have to put your feelings aside, and he has to do the same for you.For so long we tried to explain to people in public how we are together, but this show gave us the opportunity to show people how we really are. We always say that we are a fun loving couple but now you actually get to see it. We might be a modern type of couple in what we do and how we work it, but when I say old fashioned, I mean cook, clean, and dedicate yourself to the fam. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, just try to think about one massage move and use that. The thing is, you still want it and [if you don’t get it], you’re going to wander off in your relationship and still want to get it somewhere else.She is best known for her ample derriere which was proven to be 100% real on the show “The Doctors” in February 2012, and also her marriage to rapper/actor Ice-T.Coco was born in Tarzana, California and brought up in Palos Verdes, California and is of Serbian descent.

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During her teenage years Coco, her mom, and sister moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, she grew up as a tomboy, riding quads and playing football.

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