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Whether you choose to learn on campus or online, our degree programs are ideal for busy adults who have limited time to pursue higher education goals.At the Austin Campus, classes meet just once per week in the evening.Students earning their degree online login to participate in class several times per week, but the days and times are up to them.When you enroll in a course at this University of Phoenix location in Texas, you'll learn from faculty members who hold advanced degrees and have experience in the fields they teach.Should I toss on my “the truth IS out there” T-shirt, grab a SURVIVE mix tape and an Epi Pen, and then drive toward Manor in an effort to see an all-natural laser light show courtesy of Comet Swift-Tuttle?Or am I going to douse myself in bug spray for another quiet night of “meh”? Judit Györgyey Ries, a research associate studying the physical characterization of near-Earth objects (especially Earth-crossing asteroids) at UT’s Department of Astronomy.Located just off the Mo Pac Expressway, the University of Phoenix Austin Campus offers on-campus bachelor's and master's degree programs in business and management.A variety of additional programs, including associate's degree programs, are available online.

Other times you can talk about what you’re feeling or how to deal with difficult challenges.

In addition, programs are designed to teach you academic theory and real-world practice, so earning your degree from the Austin Campus provides you higher education you can use.

In addition to offering undergraduate degrees in business and management, the Austin Campus also has a range of graduate degree programs.

“The high-speed dust ionizes the atmosphere around it, emitting light while it burns up.” Very rarely, larger objects also enter the atmosphere producing fireballs, like the 2013 Chelyabinsk event over Russia.

Sporadic meteors and fireballs are more or less singular events and appear from varying places in the sky. “A shower occurs at a specific time of year and generally includes lots of meteors all from the same direction,” says Ries.

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