Catholics against interracial dating

By 1967, 16 states still had anti-miscegenation laws in effect.In 1959, Richard and Mildred Loving -- an inter-racial married couple who had been legall married in the District of Columbia a few weeks before -- were arrested in Virginia.Bush have traveled to the self-described “fundamentalist” outpost to pander to the Christian right, all the while pleading ignorance to its institutional opposition to Catholicism (“a Satanic counterfeit”) and its longstanding ban on interracial dating.The dating policy was reversed in 2000 (provided you have parental consent and a chaperone, of course), but the school still has a pretty detailed personal conduct code, which bans, among other things, phones that have Internet access, “contemporary Christian music,” Gmail, and “posters of movie and music stars.” I stopped by BJU on Tuesday hoping to speak with some current students about what brought them there (the art program is supposed to be excellent), how they like the school, and what they make of the school’s not-so-distant history.The fact that he separated the races show that he did not intend for the races to mix."Roman Catholic Church: In 1996, the church forbade church marriages if the husband-to-be was a paraplegic, and thus presumably could not engage in sexual activity and consummate the marriage.The couple was free to be married outside of their faith. Predominately Muslim countries: In most countries with Muslim majorities, a Muslim woman may not marry a man who is not of the same faith. During the late 1990s, a university professor in Egypt who considers himself to be a Muslim, wrote a book suggesting that Islam was in need of a reformation.The problem began in June when Stella Harville, who grew up going to the church, brought her fiance, Ticha Chikuni, who is black, to the small church, where on average about 40 people meet for Sunday worship.

So, after the California ruling upholding Proposition 8 and as more states pass laws in support of same sex marriage, how much longer before the law of the land applies to all its citizens, gay and straight alike?Her father, Dean Harville, a decades-long member of the church, told CNN affiliate WSAZ he was counting the offering when the pastor at the time, Melvin Thompson, came up to him and said, "Susie and her boyfriend are not allowed to sing in this church anymore." "He said, ' Furthermore, Susie can take her fella back where she found him from,'" Harville said.That led to the vote on November 27 on a church policy banning interracial couples from attending or participating in services.The more people of different complexions intermingle, the fewer borders there will be between Lucifer and his ultimate goal.So much for “divide and conquer.” I’m not sure this explanation actually makes the policy any more palatable; if anything, I’d say racial fears become a lot more dangerous when they’re enveloped into a grand, unifying theory of how the world is going to end.

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