Dating brass dial longcase clocks

If properly cared for, longcase clocks will give hundreds of years faithful service.

Their value can only increase if they are looked after, and by seeking the services of a competent horologist, it is possible to maintain a clock in near original condition for a very long time indeed. This is crucial because otherwise the delicate suspension spring at the top of the pendulum rod will bend, or break.

Rare French Fusee Carriage Clock c1880 This rare drum clock is mounted in a circular nickel plated case with half baluster pillars with a central glass section to view the movement.

Has a rare dual lever platform escapement where the escape wheel acts in a vertical plane and pallets operate in a horizontal plane.

Fully serviced Price: £4500 Rare Calendar Carriage Clock Unusual timepiece carriage clock with Day, Date, Month and Year.

The day and date change over automatically and month and year are changed manually.

dial makers name is often stamped on the reverse of the dial or cast into the false plate which is the dial fixing plate that is mounted on the movement, this name should not be confused with the clockmakers name as usually clock makers did not make painted dials they were purchased from dial makers.

Occasionally, though rarely, housed in a long case. Has a very unusual rare striking mechanism which the hammer arbor gathers the rack teeth.Case is rosewood with boxwood inlays and stringing. Price: £3200 Miniature Silver Cased Art Deco Enamelled Carriage Clock.old-fashioned name for a tavern clock named after the Act of Parliament of 1797, which imposed a tax on watches and supposedly caused an increase in this type of public wall clock - though in fact many date from before 1797. a wooden-cased clock to sit on a table or mantel, so-called because some originally sat on wall brackets (now often missing). British ones normally have one or more fusees, so occasionally called a fusee clock. a dial clock with a drop box beneath to contain the pendulum, which often shows through a pendulum window. A fusee movement is usually an indication of quality.

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