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Access to clean water is a fundamental human right, one which should be furnished for free.But these water ATMs provide, at least, a more afforable alternative to the water vendors, who sell the same amount of water for 50 Kenyan shillings, making clean water a luxury for most Kenyans living in the slums.Mobile phones, ipods and other electronic goods are sold and next to the car park is a great value restaurant and fast food area which serves curries and kebabs and typical Indian/Pakistani cuisine.The brightly coloured Centre may have it’s shabby side, but the true Indian feel of the place, bargain prices and numerous quality tailors make this an interesting place to visit, and somewhere you may easily pick up a bargain.

My highly vain self thought he was talking about my brown shoes.

The document indicated terrorists were planning to take over a building and “probably hold hostages.” Beginning Sept.

21, al Qaeda-linked terrorist group al Shabaab stormed the mall and slaughtered 67 people. The shopping center, which has long been considered a target, is frequented by expatriates and wealthy Kenyans.

Conclusion: Despite freely available PEP for Nairobi-based FSWs, women at highest risk were less likely to have heard of PEP, access PEP, or complete the full course of therapy once initiated.

Program delivery needs to be improved to ensure that FSW most at risk are able to benefit from this resource.

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For a long time, people living in the slums could only acquire clean water from a cartel of water vendors who sold it at inflated prices.

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