Dating vintage fender guitars

I just bought a USA Made, silver faced Fender Hot Rod Deville 410. I have searched and searched and cannot find the manufactured date or just the year at least. Hi Love Your Monster Music, I believe that US made means 2001 or before.There may be an inspection sticker with a two letter code indicating the date of manufacture.We're guitar players who recognize and appreciate how important Fender has been to the evolution of Rock and Roll.Please browse our web site, give us a call or visit our Chicago show room.It probably also says "Made in Mexico" somewhere in or on the amp, which also indicates it is one of the newer re-issue amps.

Fender Guitars – Our Fenders date from the 1950s through their 50th Anniversary Special Edition.

The site below, under "DATING CONTEMPORARY FENDER AMPLIFIERS", tells how to read the code. The sticker looks like this, and should be inside the cab somewhere.

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