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When it relaunched yesterday, the first question out of everyone’s lips was: What about the penises? But in delicate matters such as these, mere speculation would hardly suffice. In 50 very short sessions spanning yesterday afternoon and evening, we witnessed a total of seven penises — six acts of masturbation and one act of fellatio (female on male) — as well as two ads for sites that promised less penis, more boobs, and two teenagers squealing to each other, “Is that a girl? ” (Intel Nitasha figured out how to aim the camera so her head wasn’t showing halfway in. ) To conclude our findings, that’s 1.4 male members per every ten chat partners.

A short film by the Neistat Brothers’ inspired me to explore Chat Roulette a few nights ago.

Since peaking in usership in the spring and early summer, Chatroulette has been hemorrhaging traffic, with visits plummeting close to 60% in the US, according to Quantcast.

After a brief down period in late August, the site relaunched with improved saftey features, and traffic appears to have bottomed out.

Ternovskiy now shares a one-bedroom apartment with two engineers that doubles as Chatroulette’s headquarters.

They all sleep and work there–that’s why he’s whispering and slipping outside to answer his phone.

On a whim, I wrote an opening line - ‘I REFUSE TO NEXT ANYONE! ’ - to paste into the text box before I could be I watched the first guy read the sentence. Turns out he was Argentinean, sitting in his living room in Buenos Aires.

The thing is, I’m not a coder, and I’d never heard of Flux Death Match before today.

The site introduced topical channels two weeks ago, and adult-themed channels have consistently been some of the most popular channels available.

A new warning on the Chatroulette homepage also seems to suggest that the site is specifically targeting users exposing themselves to minors.

The post continues: Ternovskiy didn’t want to reveal how exactly the site has been collecting information when contacted for this article, but said that “there was no intrusion into existing conversations.” Chatroulette has long been criticized and mocked for the large number of users who expose themselves on the service.

In fact, New York-based filmmaker Casey Neistat once described the site as “71% Boys, 15% Girls, 14% Perverts.” However, it doesn’t seem like Ternovskiy is fundamentally opposed to any nudity on Chatroulette.

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I’m checking when the next Flux Death Match will be.

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