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The two went into business together and on 1 February 1920, their company ‘Franke & Heidecke’ was born.

Read on to discover how this company became the Rollei that photography fans know and love today.

He realised that cameras for photojournalism had to operate flawlessly, and this meant that they couldn’t have any parts that may rot, leading to the innovations in his new camera design.

Working for an optics and photography company, Reinhold Heidecke had the brilliant idea to produce a roll-film camera.

The camera itself is very well made, with an all-metal construction, and it feels well balanced in the hand.

The focusing is smooth and the viewfinder is quite bright (not as bright as my Leicas, but good for a fixed lens camera from this era).

The Flexaret VII is the last in a series of TLR cameras made by Meopta (and its predecessors) in the former Czechoslovakia.

It's a fully mechanical camera with an all-metal body.

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Major brands like Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Konica and Yashica are outstanding choices as many online buyers still exist, and you can almost be assured of a quality product.

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