Updating a 70s house

This new-to-us house has kept us pretty busy the last couple of weeks, and I can’t wait to start showing you Before & After pictures, how we’re adding more functionality and storage to the house, and quick tips for home maintenance, improvement, and better energy efficiency. To ensure that the new bottom cabinets matched the old upper units, the homeowner painted both with Benjamin Moore's Linen White—a move that lightened up the whole kitchen. In place of a headboard, the couple covered the wall behind the bed in oak rescued from a Pittsburgh bank.I kid you not, every room had some type of wallpaper.We’re thinking the rage for mid-century modern has just about run its course, and something else will have to take its place. While we loved the idea of a small, vintage house in a great neighborhood full of old trees and great restaurants and independent bookstores and one-of-a-kind shops, we knew that just wouldn’t work for the lives we’re really living.After renovation, the master bedroom was clad in pine planks and coated with a primer that lets the grain show through. An outlet-store dhurrie rug softens the floor, while an Ethiopian cotton throw drapes the Restoration Hardware quilt. Plus: 25 headboards that make a bold statement »Knocking through the upstairs crawl space uncovered enough square footage to tuck a guest nook below the eaves in the office.Delineating the work space and the guest bedroom: Ikea curtains and chalkboard paint (Chalkboard Black by Rust-Oleum).Bright idea: An inbox and outbox keep produce and bread organized.It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since we purchased the 70’s lake house.

But nothing had been done to it since 1977, it was time to bring it into the 2016’s.I’d tell people where I worked with a smirk, quick to add that I didn’t actually But here I am now, and I’m damned if I’m going to be all hangdog and sheepish about where we live–or spend the years we’ll be here wishing I were somewhere else.We may be five minutes from chain restaurants, discount retailers, and a warehouse grocery store (by car, of course), but we’re determined to make this our version of the American Dream. We think the suburban split-level may be a house whose time is coming, and we want to tell you why–so you can get in while the gettins’ good.This 70’s classic ranch house was tastefully decorated in all the finishing touches of the decade: Dark wood paneling Harvest gold kitchen sink, counters, and stove A wet bar, no, make that a Brick! right down the center of the living room Carpet in the bathroom Drapes, drapes, and more drapes And it hasn’t been updated since 1970.What we love about this house is the simple floor plan that makes it a blank slate, the kitchen’s great potential, solid construction such as copper wiring and no crumbling walls or foundation issues, and the neighborhood. We’re also thrilled that it hasn’t endured any DIY tricks or techniques that would make us run for the hills.

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