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Subject areas covered include the fields of genetics, radiometric dating, natural selection, the geologic column, the fossil record, the origin of life, cosmology, and ethics.

The strength of "Evolution's Achilles' Heels" is that it ranges across all the disciplines influenced by evolutionary thinking – biology, genetics, geology and cosmology – showing how real world evidence just does not tie up with the stories of Darwinism and long-age uniformitarianism.

A number of important higher education institutions are also located in the city, including the Newark campus of Rutgers University (which includes law and medical schools and the Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies); the New Jersey Institute of Technology; and Seton Hall University's law school.

Mostar, Top: Neretva River and Mostar Old Bridge, Middle left: Koski Mehmed Pasina Moscue, Center: Mostar Clock Tower, Middle right: A entrance of old bridge, Bottom left: Bazzar in Kujundziluk Street, Bottom right: Night view of old bridge and Kujundziluk area) is a city and municipality in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Confronted with this irreducible complexity – which of course Darwin had no conception of - evolutionists are having to invoke the agency of aliens.

Where are the myriad transitional forms which should be observable in the fossil record?

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Inhabited by 105,797 people, it is the most important city in the Herzegovina region, its cultural capital, and the center of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton of the Federation.

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