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Guys and Girls: What have you witnessed and what do you think about the topic?

Fatherless Girls, do you date a ton of men because you crave the attention or do you have issues interacting with men?

Would we have the same issues many of the sons and daughters are now experiencing in relationships today? Check out a couple of the outcomes of our fatherless generation…• Some of our fatherless women would not have to experiment on how to attract and retain the attention of a man because an example would have been present in the household.Being a black woman, I am always interested in what other people think about me.I wonder if they think that I am just one of those women who live up to the ‘angry black female’ stereotype, the woman who people assume doesn’t have a dad around (even though I do), so they have this notion that I look for my father in every man that I meet.An at-home father could have helped her decipher through the foolishness of today’s playboys.• Some of our fatherless women would not demonstrate such an intense attempt at using physical assets (no pun intended) to lure a man in hopes of making them a husband.

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